The phrase “SIP SIP” is a colloquial term commonly used in the Bahamian dialect and vernacular, and the meaning is BIG JUICY GOSSIP.
Gossip so ear tingling, hot and juicy, that you’d take out a second mortgage just to hear it. Sip Sip was the title of my daily editorial cartoon features that were published in The Nassau Guardian. 
When I started out drawing my first editorial cartoon in September of 1983, I never thought that the simple act of putting pencil and pen to paper would take me this far.
I will always remember the worried look that my mother gave me when she saw my cartoon on page two of the Guardian. “Can you afford to pay them to print these drawings in the paper every day?” she asked. When I told her that I was getting paid, we both had a great laugh.
Cynicism is not just my tool of choice, I believe in my heart that it is a tool of necessary global circumstance. As David used the insulting sling and stones against the giant of his day, I sincerely believe that the current socio-political atmosphere around the world demands abrupt, abrasive, hardcore cynicism in order to address the imbalance in power within our communities. 
Cynicism is so vicious, that it acts as a vent which cools the temperature of seething rage. The verbal deep cutting action keeps the powerful in check…they do not like being publicly ridiculed; especially when they deserve it. The people see this, and are somewhat satisfied. 
I’d rather for someone, in a fit of rage, as unfortunate as it may be, to call someone a hateful word, than to have them go out and vent their hatred in violence towards an unsuspecting public. People have a right to be angry. People need a verbal vent for their rage. Controlled venting is foundation to non violence.
Most cartoonist rely primarily on satire; I remain one of the rare puritanical cartooning cynics, and I love it. 
The cartoon industry is being phased out, for the most part because for too long, cartoonist have been dependent on larger newspaper enterprises, which treat them as lower valued sub consultants. I prefer not to walk down that road anymore. I am running out of time, but I will continue meandering my way along, and hopefully in the end, one political cartoonist finding his way, will lead to all political cartoonists walking independently and freely away from the large news conglomerates.
Thank you for visiting my website. 
The Lord Bless You.
Sam “Sip Sip” Williams
Sam “Sip Sip” Williams, P.E., AIA(a).